What is Grow with Music ?

The Academy brings the "Joy of Music" to your children through its Grow with Music school program. Grow With Music program for children has been created by Shankar Mahadevan Academy to teach music through engaging formats that appeal and inspire learning in children. Shankar Mahadevan Academy has introduced various courses specially tailored for children of different age groups.

Learning music early in life can make a marked difference to the development of a child's social, cognitive and communication skills. Exposing children to music lessons early helps discover their innate talent to become better singers in the future. The Grow With Music program :

  • Builds a strong foundation and appreciation in music.
  • Nurtures cognitive skills and lateral thinking ability by teaching children how to create and compose music.
  • Demystifies musical elements through fun and effective activities.
  • Develops leadership skills and confidence by engaging children in musical performances.
  • Aids in holistic development by exposing children to diverse genres of music from over the world.

The Grow with Music program has been successfully delivered to 13000+ children in schools all over the country.

Features of Grow with Music

  • Structured, progressive and age relevant curriculum with measurable outcomes 
  • Online Music Book (OM Book™) - a multi-media music book available online 24/7 with curriculum, audio and video recordings of songs and recording tool for practice 
  • Musical performance to showcase the learning, either as a part of an annual day or musical event 
  • Regular assessments, grading, and certification

Grow with Music is available for pre-KG, KG1, KG2, Grade 1 to Grade 9 as a 34-week program (offered as part of the school curriculum)

Flank with Music

Flank with Music is a simple but powerful idea that flanks time periods with music. The project calls for replacing the school bell with a Public Address or Sound system, playing specific music when necessary to signify the start/end of a school session, recessed/lunch break, and class periods.

Listen to some Flank with Music tm pieces:

Aalap Long Bell
Desh Raag Long Bell

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